Our Ambassadors

We choose our ambassadors very carefully; we only work with artists who are/were originally Foil Me Movers and who are/were enamoured with our brand and our products previously. All of our ambassadors are educators who have been selected to enlighten hairdressers about our brand and our products to those who trust their opinion and knowledge about our brand and products.

Sheree Knobel

At the age of 21, Sheree put down her scissors to focus exclusively on developing her colour expertise. In the years since, Sheree has foiled, balayaged, and zone-toned her way to building a reputation as the authority on blonde, and lived-in colour in Australia. 

In 2015, after spending years learning from some of the industry greats, Sheree spread her wings, opening her own rapidly expanding Sydney based hair salon, Bixie Colour. Together with her hand-picked team of expert hair colourists, cutters and stylists, Sheree creates and innovates lived-in perfection every day. She expanded to double the salon size, accommodating the growing number of clients and staff. Taking over the lease on next door’s premises, she created one open, elegant space. After working with Foil Me's foils for at least two years and being the inspiration for The Knobel Collection, Sheree became Foil Me's first ambassador in 2017.

United Kingdom
Craig Purves

Craig knew at the age of 4 that he was going to do hair but he never knew it would bring him so much joy.

With 33 years in the industry, he’s packed it in, from being a 20 something hairdresser in the first “rent-a-chair” space in London’s West End, to then running his own successful salon for 10 years in the heart of Soho, he’s always pushed hard to move forward.

Craig became an ambassador for Foil Me in 2018 after we saw Craig’s clear passion for the brand and for sharing his tips and tricks about all things hair with the wider community!

Tressa Yanchuk

Tressa has been a professional hairstylist for 9 years, although her passion for hair began at the age of 3.

She started her hairdressing career right out of school with Kharma, which began as a 2 chair basement suite salon. Over the last 9 years, Kharma has grown to 3 commercial salons, one of which Tressa co-owns

Her relationship with Foil Me began in 2016 and happened very organically. Her love for the Foil Me brand drove her to work with a Canadian distributor, West Coast Beauty, to retail the foils in Canada. Since then, Tressa has become the Canadian ambassador for Foil Me and also the inspiration for her own custom foil, The Tressa Collection.

She is well-known for her blondes and balayage, icy platinum blondes have become her trademark, although all types of hair colour are her passion.

Evan Stowers

Evan has been a professional hairdresser for over 10 years. He loves working with beachy blondes, applying natural highlighting techniques, and balayage. Nothing makes him happier than a good colour that can last and grow out for months.

Evan owns a salon called The Desert Lounge in Southern Utah, USA.

Evan has always had a taste for high quality materials - not necessarily expensive things, but he admires good workmanship. He believes that in both hair and life, having the best tools is very important, which is why he was drawn to Foil Me's foils. After trying one box, he became hooked, started a conversation with the brand owners, found them to be aligned with their values, and inquired about doing a custom foil for his salon, The Desert Lounge Collection. Soon afterwards, he was asked to be the USA ambassador where he couldn’t have been more humbled to represent such an amazing company like Foil Me!

Gioacchino Raniolo

Gioacchino is part of the team at Fabian Maier Balayage Salon and an educator at Addicted To Balayage where he lives out his passion every day and inspires his clients with his amazing balayage skills.⁠ ⁠

Gio loves creating with colour, especially balayage. He says that balayage gives him the opportunity to let his creativity run free and makes his clients shine.